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A few of my friends make funny noises when Mumma squeezes them, they basically squeak

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My First Wound

01 Apr 2020 Admin


Diya was playing with her cousins in the street and had her 1st wound. Which i would like to record , i even have a video of it. From now on, no more counting..  Still as parents we felt this wound is little precious.  Also, after she fell down I helped her to get up again and play. I don't want to pamper her more so that she doesn't stop trying .

I wanna show her we will always be there to help her get up whenever she falls but will not stop her from trying anything new. We as a parents want her to know she can fall and rise again. So that she stands tall ever.

 Simply told her, 

துணிந்து செல்,
விழுந்தால் அழாதே,
அழுதால் தோற்றுவிடுவாய்,
பல முறை விழுந்தால் – வெற்றி !!!

My First Wound My First Wound My First Wound My First Wound My First Wound