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“ We do not know what the future will hold for our kids”

A few of my friends make funny noises when Mumma squeezes them, they basically squeak

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Appa’s love for his daughter..

24 Oct 2019 Admin

From my childhood I heard a proverb saying “குழந்தையும், தெய்வமும் ஒன்று”.I am not a narcissist or a religious person to visit temple. I believed only in hardwork ..Life is all about ups and downs , which teaches the different lessons to us..Biggest blessing in my life is my daughter .

Even before she was born, I strongly believed I will have a baby girl which was exactly 4 years back…I strongly believe daughters are more responsible than a son some times. I believe there is a supreme power beyond us which control our blessings..Moreover our thoughts come true, I started believing in this after my daughter Diya was born.

She stays from me, but the distance doesnt matter the moment she holds my finger and spreads her smile..When I held my daughter for the first time i felt i am holding a God.. She speaks in her own language (Googoos and gaagaas). I feel I am at the top of my world…

This might not be new to the world , but this is completely new to me in my world..I am sure every father will have their own story.. I started seeing her as my guardian angel ..Everyday I am wishing and praying to her..True prayers and love always have positive impact, I am experiencing it in my professional life ..

Daughters are always the best magician in the world, they know how to win the heart of their father with their purest form of love .. I have not given her anything other than love, but she started showering her blessings on me.In the world part from money one best thing is the love of daughter which is 100 times greater than worshipping God.